We were incorporated with a clear aspiration to become a world class shipbuilding corporation in the region.

A Brief

Gading Marine is a Malaysian private company engaged in maritime industry including shipbuilding, ship fabricator & ship maintenance.

Gading Marine (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated with a clear aspiration to become a world class shipbuilding corporation in the region. We aim to be recognised as the preferred solution provider in the marine industry. In the early part of our formation, we faced great challenges in gaining the trusts and confidence of our clients. Despite that, equipped with internationally recognised capabilities, we continue to deliver the best of excellence in ship building, ship fabricator as well as ship maintenance services to our esteemed clients. Our shared principle and values within Gading Group include continuous improvement and advancement to maintain our reputation in delivering solid performance and excellence. We build only the state of the art marine certified vessels, providing customised advisory and consultation services at the same time delivering cost effective solutions for defence and security in the marine industry. 

We believe that we are on track in becoming the leading solution provider in the region. Specialises in building fast assault and interceptor crafts, we have successfully delivered 6 units of FICs (fast interceptor crafts) to the Royal Malaysian Navy in the span of only 6 months while maintaining high quality services. These FICs were fully fabricated and assembled locally at our shipyard in Lumut, Perak. Gading Marine proven designs have successfully delivered performance, reliability and amenity in ensuring marine security in the region. We have also broaden our horizon in collaborating with an esteemed shipyard in the Netherlands by signing an memorandum of understanding (MOU) to build a bigger capacity naval ships. This is the first of many to come. 

With an impressive and reputable portfolio in designing and construction, we strive to be the leader of shipbuilding corporations in the region that are committed to contribute to the security of Malaysia’s sovereignty.

& Mission


To be recognised as a provider of quality services in the marine industry.


To provide quality services to clients in the marine industry locally and abroad.

Our Core

Strength through Stability & Continuity

Quality through professionalism & reliability of service

Creativity and Responsiveness to our customers’ needs

Loyalty to our employees at sea & ashore

Teamwork within & with our clients